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Discover the new look KFC restaurant now open at Westend Shopping Park. Dine in KFC’s newly refurbished dining area or order to go through their new drive-thru.

Order your favourite dish or why not try the new limited edition KFC Zinger Chicken Fillet Mor, a delicious baguette with Zinger filet, hash brown, cheese, burger dressing and Supercharger Mayo.

At KFC they are all about giving customers more, which is why they’ve created an even moreish take on the ironically Irish Chicken fillet roll- the all new KFC Zinger Chicken Fillet Mor.

It has got more crunch, from a crispy, golden hash brown; more spice, from a delicious Zinger fillet: and more sauce, from burger dressing and Supercharger Mayo- all packed into a tasty baguette with cheese and lettuce.

This sensational new sandwich is only available until November 12th, so if you want to try one don’t delay.

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