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Artificial grass has become ever more popular in recent times as a low maintenance alternative to natural grass. Right now at Des Kelly Interiors you’ll find an assortment of Artificial Grass options including Hana and K9 varieties. Modern artificial grass has come a long way in terms of appearance and texture. It now closely mimics the look and feel of natural grass, offering a lush, green appearance throughout the year. This consistent aesthetic appeal can enhance the appeal of homes and commercial properties alike but creating an inviting outdoor space.

Artificial grass can be installed in a variety of settings and customised to fit specific needs. From residential lawns and rooftop gardens to indoor sports fields and pet areas, artificial grass offers versatile solutions. It can be cut and shaped to fit unique spaces, providing a tailored landscaping option that meets diverse requirements.

Artificial grass can provide a lush outdoor space for years to come. Talk to the experts at Des Kelly Interiors today to explore your options including what artificial grass is right for your space as well as delivery and installation.

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