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Attract new feathered friends into your garden with a whole range of feeds and accessories from Petstop. No matter how small your outdoor space is you can create the perfect conditions to entice native wild birds throughout the winter.

Establish a regular feeding routine so that birds feel secure and assured that their trip will be worth their effort. Shop a wide assortment of seeds, nuts and fat-balls from top brands like Menu Nature and Johnsons as well as Petstop’s own brand feed.

When it comes to feeders and bird tables there is something to suit every budget. Wild Bird Plastic Peanut Feeder, €4.50, can be easily hung from tree branches and is fabricated in hard waring plastic that will withstand the elements and can be easily taken apart, cleaned and topped up as required. Get a closer look at your garden guests with Petstop’s Wild Bird Feeder for Windows, €8.99.  

Invest in a free standing bird table like Natura Bird Feeding Stand, €54.99. This beautifully constructed pine wood stand has a large roof to keep food clean and dry and also creates a lovely focal point in your garden to view birds as they come and go.  

A couple of inviting additions to your outdoor space can quickly attract the attention of passing birds. Stick to your feeding routine once you have started and birds will quickly become accustomed to it and you can delight in new and returning visitors all-year-round.

Speak to the Petstop team in-store for free expert advice on how to make your outdoor space more wildlife friendly.  

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