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Stuck for gift ideas? Look no further, Homesense have got everything you need to create a personalized hamper for everyone on your Christmas list. When everything is up to 60% less than the RRP, you can squeeze in an extra pressie or two!! 

1. Decide a Theme First things first- what kind of person are they? Homesense have got gifts for everyone from beauty queens and serious foodies to arty creatives and homebirds: all you need to do is pick one! 

2. Find The Perfect Treats Once you’ve figured out a theme and grabbed a Homesense hamper, you can start on the fun bit- choosing gifts! Homesense have got everything from bath treats and gourmet goodies to festive outfits for pets (sorry in advance Mr Fluffy!) and gardening gifts! 

3. Finishing Touches Now all that is left to do is make it look beautiful. Stock up on Homesense gorgeous range of wrapping paper, tags and ribbons- then add a bed of shredded paper into the hamper, along with each individually wrapped gift. For the final touch, tie a huge bow around the middle. Ta-dah!! 


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