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After a very full on month of social butterflying and overindulging, its time to give our body, mind and purse a little breather. Introducing the Homesense Hour. No crazy kale recipes, no signing up to half marathons, just 60 minutes a day that’s dedicated to you. Whether it’s doing something you adore or doing absolutely nothing, it’s a sure-fire way to beat the January blues!

How will you spend your hour?

Reading Check out the Homesense Book Club. for 7 page turning perfections that you must read in 2020.

Meditation Roll out the yoga mat and just…sit. Self-care at its finest. Cooking -cabbage and kale, yummy! Or you could just make your all-time fave meal- everything in moderation, eh? From sustainable cookware to vegan snacks, there’s tons of treats in-store to make it simple.

Plants Faux or real, greenery is proven to have a positive impact on your mental well-being. Treat yourself to an easy to care for bunch and spend your Homesense Hour arranging the blooms.

Exercise Couch-to-5km on your New Year’s Resolution list? Even if it starts with just a walk around the block, an hour a day doing some sort of exercise can really boost your mood and well-being.

Cleaning An new year means a fresh start! A sparkle on the tiles is sure to put a sparkle in your eyes and Homesense have just had a big brand drop of eco-friendly products in-store to make it happen.

Feeling zen yet? Make this your best year yet by heading in-store and treating yourself to a new year self-care starter kit at up to 60% less than RRP!








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