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Planning your next outdoor adventure? Whether you are taking a gentle hike or embarking on a more challenging adventure the team at Sports Direct have you covered. First thing you need to make sure is to consider your clothing and accessories. Choosing between walking shoes and boots can be tough and is often a matter of personal preference, but as a general rule, boots are better for steeper climbs and shoes better when the going is easier. Proper hiking shoes provide cushioning in all the right areas, support to your feet and ankles, and rugged grip to the sole, all combining to keep you on your feet and heading in the right direction. Hiking boots are pretty similar, save for the extra support and protection afforded to your ankles and lower legs which will really come into its own when you begin to take on mountains. Consider a pair of walking sandals if you’re looking to hike in warm weather over relatively easy terrain.

Once your footwear is sorted its time to tackle your hiking clothing. On a summer hike, a simple walking top or t-shirt is suitable. If cooler weather is expected than fleeces and fleece jackets make an excellent addition to your backpack alongside a good waterproof rain jacket.

In terms of clothing for your bottom half, a good pair of walking shorts is worth considering with walking trousers reserved for the winter months. If you are expecting wet weather a pair of quality waterproof trousers is an excellent investment.

Also, essential when talking about what to wear hiking are accessories and equipment, designed to make your hike easier. You need to stay hydrated with a water bottle or hydration pack, while helpful items like walking poles, walking socks and GPS devices can also enhance your hiking experience. Finally, be sure to invest in a hiking rucksack to carry all your belongings.

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