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Festival camping can be a hugely enjoyable experience, once you have the right kit! Our friends at Mountain Warehouse have put together the ultimate survival checklist to ensure you get all the essentials you need to make your next camping experience as fun and stress free as possible.

  • A Tent is probably the most essential festival item. It will give you a place to rest and shelter should the weather turn nasty. Getting the right tent is crucial but luckily Mountain Warehouse have a great selection of styles and designs so whatever you need you’ll find a tent to suit.
  • Sleeping Bags are available in a variety of temperature ratings so you can choose a bag which suits the conditions you’ll face.
  • Even in summer, the ground will get cold at night so it’s important to insulate yourself with a roll mat. For some extra comfort, take a self-inflating mat or airbed.
  • Find your way around your tent at night with Mountain Warehouse’s selection of Camping Lights.
  • You might not have much time for sleep at festivals, so it’s important the sleep you do have is good quality. A travel pillow will allow you to stay comfortable and will take up less valuable space in your pack than a regular pillow.
  • Everyone knows how unpredictable the Irish weather can be so a waterproof jacket is essential for any festival. Pack away jackets can be stored in a small bag when not in use, making them the ideal festival jacket.
  • Protect your eyes from the sun on those long summer days with a pair of
  • Everyone knows how muddy festival fields can become after rain so wellies are essential if you want your feet to stay dry. Mountain Warehouse have a great range of wellies in a variety of styles and designs.
  • It’s likely you’ll have a long walk to get to the festival campsite so you’ll need a backpack to carry all your equipment.
  • Festivals will be loud, even after the last acts have played. Ear plugs will help block out this noise so you can get a good nights sleep.

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