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At Cardfactory, they strive to offer something for everyone, so that whoever you are there’ll be a perfect card for you. As part of their ongoing ambition to be as inclusive as possible, they are celebrating Pride 2023 by showcasing work by and for the LGBTQ+ community.

Cardfactory are championing several talented LGBTQ+ creative including writers, illustrators and photographers. Plus they’ve also introduced some new card sends- so that we can all truly take Pride in celebrating everyone’s life’s moments.

Cardfactory is celebrating Pride, while still acknowledging its historic roots- which is particularly important to non-binary creative Jordan Wray, “To me, Pride means everybody- whatever their gender or sexual orientation- coming together to celebrate their differences…but to also understand the true origin of Pride.” The cure characters and bright colours of Jordan’s Pride cards come with a snippet of Pride’s history on the reverse

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