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There’s always a reason to bake, right? Whether you need to sweeten up the neighbours or want to show off your skills at a family tea, Homesense have put together a must-have-in-your-kit-list. With everyday essentials and fab finds for scrummy prices in-store now!

For Cakes & Puds

  1. Big brand cake tin- because everything tastes yummier with a little added name-drop
  2. Cooking rack- we all know waiting is the hardest part, but it’s oh so worth it
  3. Rolling pin- knead we say more?
  4. Icing smoother- for perfectly smoothed icing at perfect prices
  5. Measuring cups- one for you, two for me.. but who’s counting?
  6. Mixing bowls- that fancy French stoneware will do just the trick

Pick up these essential cooking items and more with savings of up to 60% everyday in-store.

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