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As the summer holidays come to an end, it’s time to gear up for another exciting academic year. Getting ready for back to school has never been easier, thanks to Chemist Warehouse. With a vast selection of school supplies, personal care products, health essentials and first aid supplies, they have everything you need for a successful start to the new academic year. Shop smart, stock up on all the essentials and approach the new year with confidence.

Starting a new school year can be nerve wrecking for many students but feeling confident in their appearance can make a big difference. Chemist Warehouse offers an extensive selection of personal care products to help students look and feel their best. From hair care products like shampoo and conditioner to skincare items like deodorants, you’ll find all the essentials to maintain good hygiene and self-confidence. Enjoy unbeatable value like 30% off Pulse hair accessory range, 20% off Weleda Kids Shampoo and Body Wash as well as 30% off Elave skincare protection range.

For students who rely on prescription medications, it’s crucial to ensure an adequate supply for the school term. Check with Chemist Warehouse to refill any prescriptions with offers of up to 70% off prescription costs and maintain consistent medication schedules. Additionally, explore their range of health supplements to support overall well-being and help students stay energised and focused throughout the day. Right now in-store you’ll find 25% off Haliborange supplements and essential vitamins and 30% off Wellkid vitamin gummies.

Enjoy all these great offers and more when you shop in-store at Chemist Warehouse. Offers available while stocks last or when sale ends on 30th August. 

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