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At Des Kelly Interiors they understand that a good night’s sleep is essential for your physical and mental well-being. Yet so many of us find ourselves tossing & turning, unable to achieve the restorative sleep our bodies and minds crave. Speak to Des Kelly Interiors team of dedicated sleep experts in-store and start experiencing better sleep.

  1. Anchor– Shortly after waking, get outside into natural light as this helps the cortisol activation response and acts as an anchor for your sleep.
  2. Movement– Any form of physical activity will help improve sleep quality and reduce wake episodes.
  3. Stimulants & Sedatives- Watch the coffee and alcohol as both can distrust sleep. No coffee after 1pm will help.
  4. Light- We become more sensitive to light as the day goes on, avoid bright white lights and swap lighting to soften orange tones. Keeping light in a low position in our room can also help.
  5. Routine- Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. Sleep regularity really helps us fall asleep fast.
  6. Ritual- Creating a healthy ritual 30 minutes prior to sleep not only trains your brain but also gives you a strategy for wake episodes.
  7. Environment- Sleep to a large extent in dependent on our ability to create the right environment to initiate and maintain quality sleep. Make sure your bedroom is a haven for sleep.
  8. Temperature –Temperature is a key driver of sleep and melatonin. Ensuring you can keep your bedroom and bed cool will promote restful sleep.
  9. Unwind- We are so busy and wound up yet we forget to relax before we go to bed. Find something which helps you mentally and emotionally unwind before bed.
  10. What to do if we wake up- Learn a deep rest protocol to stop overthinking- this can be a body-scan or guided meditation. Support- pain and being uncomfortable can easily disrupt sleep. Ensure you choose a bed which supports your spine and head.
  11. Technology- Apart from the negative impact of blue light, what we engage with on our electronics can delay sleep.
  12. The Snooze Button- Set a ‘reverse snooze’ button to remind you to unwind and go to bed at the appropriate time.

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